Thursday, 3 April 2008

Who killed Mrs. McDonald?

Opening scene:
Narrator: Mr McDonald is in detective JBoss IDE’s office.
Mr : I think my wife is having an affair JBoss. I want you to keep an eye on her.
JBoss: Okay Mr. McDonald, by the way are you talking about the famous Kazhakuttamwood actress.
Mr: Yes unfortunately. And don’t forget to come for the party. You can meet everyone there. I will introduce you as my friend.
JBoss: Yes that would be fine. In the meantime, my assistant DotNet would keep an eye on her.
Scene: McDonald’s living room
Narrator: Mr and Mrs McDonald are fighting a week prior to the party.
Mrs: C'mon you have to come to the party. After all its my birthday.
Mr.: I am not interested in any of your birthdays.
(And then says shrewdly to himself: All i am interested in is your death day.)
Mrs. The whole industry will be out there. The party is very important for my career.
Narrator: Just then, Mr. McDonald's mentally retarded son, Java , who is Mrs. McDonald's step son, steps in. He had been listening to the conversation between Mr and Mrs McDonald.
Java: Party, Party! I wanna go to the party! Mama, mama when is the party? (He asks with an innocent look on his face).
Mrs: Shut up Java! The party is not for you.
(Java gives Mrs McDonald a cunning look.)
Java: I will kill you. Grrrrrr.
Mrs: Oh, shut up, you fool!!.
Narrator: Mrs McDonald hated her step son, but Mr. McDonald loved java.
Mr: You are not to talk to Java like that. He is very much attending the party.
Mrs: (To Mr. McDonald, in a more soothing voice) But my reputation is at stake.
Mr.: I am only attending the party if Java is.
Mrs: (Indifferently)Okay, whatever.
Narrator: Mrs McDonald is talking on the phone with her old boy friend DB2. Mr McDonald overhears her.
Mrs: (On the phone) Why dont you understand? I cant meet you.
DB2: I am coming to the party.
Mrs: No please dont come.
DB2: You have to meet me. I promise it will be the last meeting.
(After putting down the phone, talking to himself: It will be your last meeting with anyone. And he laughs cruelly)
Next Scene: Living room.
Narrator: Mrs McDonald is talking to her PA Oracle regarding the guest list for the party.
Mrs: So Oracle, you have the list. Invite all of them. Dont forget to invite my friend Maggi.
Oracle: Yes Maam I will surely do so.(With a cold smile)
Mrs: And what about the money that you had taken from me. I want it back after the party.
Oracle: (Smile vanishing from his face) I dont have the money.
Mrs: I dont know all that. I want my money back else I am handing you over to the police.
(Mrs McDonald leaves the room)
Oracle: (Crushing an Invitation card in his fist) This will be the last birthday of your life, you foolish woman.
Narrator: Oracle is inviting people for the party. He has just invited the producer/director Mainframes. And now is calling up Maggi, who happens to be Oracle’s girlfriend.
Oracle: I am telling you sweetie, the party is the right occasion. You have to come.
Maggi: Yeah, think you are right. I want my revenge on my sweet little friend. Unless she is out of my way, Mainframes will not sign me in for his movie.
Oracle: Yes and she is pestering me for the money too. Lets shoot two birds with a stone.
Scene: At the party.
(Mrs McDonald is talking to Mainframes. All the time avoiding eye contact with DB2. DB2 is looking at her with murderous looks)
Mainframes: You have to give me dates. My movie is hung half way through.
Mrs: I don’t have time Mainframes.
Mainframes: But you promised me and now the movie is shot half way.
Mrs: Well…..
(Just then DB2 catches hold of her attention and starts talking to her)
DB2: You cant avoid me like this. Else I will tell about all your deeds to your husband.
Mrs: I have told you so many times I don’t want to talk to you. You may do as you wish.
(And she moves away to meet Maggi while DB2 stares at her coldly and also her husband.)
Maggi: (With a false smile on her face) Happy Birthday.
Mrs: (Showing off her new bracelet) Thank you dear.
Maggi: (Muttering to herself) Such a show off. I will show her today.
(Just then Java comes in near Mrs McDonald. )
Java: Happy Birthday mama.
(And he shakes her hand thus spilling her drink on her dress.)
Mrs.: You fool, hadn’t I told you not to come to the party.
Java: I will kill you.(Angrily)
Mrs: Excuse me everyone, I will just be back.
She goes to her room to change. Suddenly the people in the party hall hear her say “Oh no not you”, followed by her scream and then a gunshot is heard.
DotNet: Nobody is to leave the room please.
JBoss and DotNet examine the scene and conference in hushed tones. Finally JBoss announces.
JBoss: I have examined this case from all angles. I see that Mrs McDonald had a problem with practically everyone in here. I know the murderer is in this room itself. And the murderer is……
~~~~~~~~~AND THE CURTAIN CLOSES ~~~~~~~~~~


Rajat. said...

"Who killed Mrs. McDonald? "

They havn't changed the name of the play since 1969 (beleive me back then too , the guys were put through training!)and the title of the play wont change in case your son were to be placed in the same company.
P.s: I however think that to be very very unlikely!


Da Eternal Rebel said...

ILP !!!

MadAss said...

guess wat? I played Mrs.McDonald's son...n ours was the best play(n not to mention we were shell shocked with the result)

Nivedita said...

i cant read the whole story :O