Sunday, 16 March 2008

Another misadventure bites the dust.

Time: 9 PM.

Place: Railway station of Bangalore.

Reason for being there: To catch a train. (I don’t mean we were playing running catching with the train. To put in a better term, to board a train)

Reason for catching train: To attend my cousin’s wedding in a place elsewhere.

Reason for my cousin getting married: Because he had found a suitable bride.

Reason for………….. Aaaahhhh I guess enough of this crappy background information, which is not at all needed.

Now coming back to my story (Misadventure more like), I was in the railway station with a whole bunch of my relatives. We were walking in smaller groups towards platform number 9(I guess). Anyways, to hell with the platform number. I was walking with a few of my cousins and we were about to cross the track of platform number 8.

A train stood still on the platform we were crossing. Suddenly my cousin stopped and clicked a picture of the train. Then he said to me, “Have you ever clicked a photo standing in front of a train?” I looked at him and said, “Why don’t you stand there? I will take a pic of you.”

He said, “Naah, I prefer clicking pictures to getting them clicked.” And so, it so happened that finally I stood right in front of the train engine, less than a foot away from it in the front. I had stood there barely half a minute and the people on the platform and in the train started yelling. We wondered what was wrong. And then we realized that they were yelling that the train is about to start and so I should move away.

I moved just in time. The train started moving. If I had stood there a second longer, it would have run over me. Another misadventure added to my long list of misadventures.

Once away, my cousin remarked to me, “You know that would have been the strangest accident ever.” And we both burst into laughter.

The only thing that I regret about this whole episode is that I couldn’t get the snap in front of the train. Aah what a memory it would have been.


SDW said...

Missed Adventure!!!
atleast ur cousin shud hav snapped u standing infront of the train. :)

nandini said...

It's funny that in the previous two posts ur friend and u (at least some boy and girl) are sitting on the train tracks. And in this post the train has come and they have run away. LOL! :D

Rajat. said...

ah , such a pity you didnt get clicked.....

P.s: i believe you can try again anytime you want .!
(my train got delayed 3 hours yesterday,i was left searching for platform 9 3/4 !!)