Monday, 31 August 2009

To be updated

Its 1.37 at night and I am not getting sleep. Thats because I slept a lot in teh afternoon smartbrains :P. So, I thought let me rite something I wanted to write since long but laziness made me say "Ahh forget it, some other time ".

The other day I looked out of the window of my ODC. Since I was on the 9th floor, I had a good view of the surrounding. My current office is on the outskirts of Bangalore(ITPL to be precise). So you may expect to see a lot of trees around. And there are trees surrounding the office. Lots of them.... But but but there were also a few buildings (offices and other software companies) scattered about in between. The view made me feel like someone had thrown some trash in parts here and there. As if a person has kept their room neatly and someone has gone and strewn things about.

To be updated......

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Rajat. said...

I highly suggest a 'clean up' drive;if you know what i mean. :P