Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The child inside

i wish i cud go back to my childhood days
can i go back the old school ways

i remember the days wen we wud wait for the break
wud go to the playground n had food for eating sake
made a circle and sat on the ground
then our boxes passed from hand to hand around

we laughed we talked we had fun
not giving a damn abt getting dark in the basking sun

after lunch we played like anything
everyday a different game of running and catching

we did attend classes in school
but that never stopped us from playing the fool

oh wat discipline we maintained in the assembly lines
how we hoodwinked the teachers to stand with our friends
and who can forget how we rushed after school
got our cycles and raced each other home

never did the homework that was given
and took the book of the lone soul who had done
the plans we made for the picnics we went
we were indifferent to the spots as long as we went

we played games even if we dint know
do u remember the dog and the bone

the evenings went in playing in the streets
we were all galli kids meetin each other with greets
we came from different schools different mediums
but we took all in without much tantrums

played often on the streets often blocking the traffic
else went to teh ground to play cricket taking a different pick
the gilli dandas smashed many a window
the mud messed up our clothes while playing marbles on the floor

we were so creative making stories n stuff
scaring a few kids with some horror n bluff

we played we laughed we cried
we had ups and downs many a times got a scold
played a lot of pranks, oh well
ran away ringing the doorbell

and wen the currents went at night we all rushed out
we will play hide and seek is wat to friends we called out
and when the currents did come back
we took it with a loud hurrah
the crackers we burst during festival time
oh dint a few ran away with a whine

but do u know wat was the best part so far
there were no egos no rich no poor
there was no mental trauma no tension
we took life as it came with no plans to mention

even today wen i run and jump about at home
i know that the age of doing so is long gone
i m in a different life now in session
with plans to spend time in exhaustion

i know i hv to grow up some day
but i refuse to do so thats wat i say
but life and time teach us all
now we spend our days going to the mall

i stil hv the child inside me
it refuses to grow up u see
the child knows tht those days are gone
but it can stil b a child n its not wrong!

(I recently saw that the kids of todays age hardly played the games we went, they too go to school they to play but its not the same..... they r hooked to the computer, play games on it.... there is so much of traffic in the streets tht they can hardly play there.... many of the gardens n open spaces are used up for buildings.... they sit on the sofa watching tv..... they see things not meant for them on the idiot box....

so i was seeing the difference in their childhood and mine.... n also remembering the days wen i was a kid... i loved that life and i wish i cud go back..... i wud barter that life for my current hectic 1 anyday....

i know thts not possible but i can still be kid wenever i want.... and i must say i m lucky to hv grown up in a small city with not much addiction to gizmos then.... had a lush green childhood.... which children today lack.... and frankly speaking at present time even i lack

i dint bother to rhyme or set each word exactly nor to correct the spellings coz as a kid did we really care?)


Anji said...

ekdum jhakaas..sahi hain..[:)]

Knife~ said...

that was real spontaneous writeup :) ...and took me too back in time! yay

aviyal said...
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Parag said...

ohh my god newbee.. why r u sharing these.. u sweet lil wateva

nandini said...

Lovely! Very honest, very spontaneous. Really really liked it. :)